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FYNTV.COM Tune in 8 AM Good Morning from Blue Jeans Pizza with #BKP #AnythingGoes
President Donald Trump to speak at NRA convention in Atlanta. Why won’t Georgia Governor Nathan Deal sign the new Campus Carry Bill at the NRA Convention.
Trump will also attend a fundraiser for 6th Congressional District (R) Candidate Karen Handel.
It’s Trumps way or the Highway! America First! Trump speaks and they immediately want a meeting. Trump keeping promises; VA, Border Security, Tax Reform, Health Care, Roll Back regulations……... and the big one Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch!
8:15 “Ask the Doc” With Dr. William Whaley
8:45 Terry Ellis from Kharisma Entertainment “Blue Ridge Mountains Wine and Jazz Festival”
9:00 The All-Star Political Panel
10:00 “The Katy Sissine Show” The Indoctrination of the Nation.
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