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June 10, 2017

Join JuLā DuCré for a 2-hour show on Crescent City Radio New Orleans at 8:30 a.m. Central!!

Special Guest: Dwight Deal

*Live Broadcast Channel streaming 24/7.
*Anyone can watch on any device.

Bigger, Better & Bolder Entertainment
'Real Talk' with Big G and JuLā DuCré
"Making Radio & Television COOL Again"

More information: Trailblazing in media, art and entertainment. Live in-studio interviews with major and indie recording artists; and international recording artists. Including, mulit-grammy award winning singers, songwriters and producers; Also, full-on interviews with actors and ceo's of major corporations (software and hardware developers) regarding the full spectrum of the entertainment industry.

Mission: To educate, elevate, inspire, evoke, invoke and entertain our listeners and viewers from near and far by “Making Radio & Television COOL again;”

Channel web address: http://citylinktv.com/channel/new-orleans-biggaa
Listen at www.crescentcityradio.com or Tunein Radio
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